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Braille as most know is the writting system for blind people. It is made up of small bumps.

Braille also describes the nipples when they are errect, under a shirt. Cause it's cold, or the girl is horny. Usualy used to aleret a buddy to someone near.
"Yo, that chick has mad braille."
by Jason August 03, 2004
secret code word for marijuana, used in Pennsylvanian berbs.
"Annie, I need the braille"


"Do you know where the braille's at?"
by BlueberrySpaceJaymz January 12, 2010
Braille is a caucasian MC with records like "Timeless" and "Shades of Grey." If you appreciate a deeper form of hip hop, you should check him out. Except that he sings about God a lot for some reason.
Man did you see the Braille show last night? Fuckin SICK.
by Ashent June 28, 2006

To braille someone means to explore that person's face or body with the fingers as if reading text in Braille. May also be used by blind guys as a pick-up line ("May I braille you?").
"I Read Her Body Like Braille" is a poem by the Nigerian poet Toni Kan in his book "Songs of Absence and Despair."
by toinfinityandbeyond October 09, 2009
When used as a verb it means having sex with a blind person, or at the very least a person without their glasses on.
I helped her find her seeing eye dog and she came on to me. We went back to her place and i Brailled her all night.
by prince_bill February 11, 2010
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