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A piece of shit about 6 inches long. Named after the brand of a chocolate bar which looks just like it.
i just dropped a big greasy polly waffle into the can.
by Busted Hyman July 04, 2006
A word which is exclaimed when you want to reserve a seat in a social setting.
Person 1: "hey mate, I'm off to drop a fat one, I pollywaffle this seat"
Person 2: "yeah no worries mate. I'll make sure no one takes it"
by Jizzhorse December 29, 2015
Australian biscuit made of wafer, marshmallow and covered in chocolate.
Don't forget to enjoy a yummy pollywaffle whilst in Australia, but don't drop it in the swimming pool.. it floats....
by pollydolly August 11, 2009
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