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To go crazy (spazz out). To bitch at someone.
I tweeked out when no one would decide where to go.
by buck March 08, 2003
Crazy, Cool, Crunk,
I'm Buck Tonight Nigga
by Buck March 23, 2004
The act of swinging out your hand and nearly slapping an Intermissions waitress in the crotch.
Buck: "Kevin, watch out, you almost gave that bitch a snatchclap!"

Kevin: "OMG I would have been in the roflcopter if I did."
by Buck February 17, 2005
Slang for cocaine
Hey buddy, you got any schnarf i can buy?
by Buck November 28, 2003
1. Teko pronounced Tek-kore meaning something that is crap, shit, stink,
2. or can be used to describe some one who is lying or not telling the truth.
Kiwi in origin
1. "got some wheels but the motor was Teko".
2. "said you had a score but you're all Teko".
by Buck June 13, 2003
crapped up. nasty. all schmangled
put some south in yo mouth!
dont puff that ghetty, its schmangy.
by buck November 29, 2004
elleni karadimas, a stinky ugly whore who humps grundy she has webbed feet
you yoos a fringleditz
by buck May 20, 2003

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