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A honeyburger is a young woman who is 50 to 100 pounds overweight, yet carries herself in very well. She dresses fashionably (often in animal print), smells good, accentuates her positive features, loves sex and fellatio, and has a great personality. She'd be hot, if only... she weren't a honeyburger.
Dude 1 - "Dude, I'd hit that shit."

Dude 2 - "Honeyburger."
by bstppldrmr August 01, 2009
n. or adj. A middle-aged man whose prime has long passed, and is in denial that the glory days ever ended. Particularly applies to ex-jocks who now work as ineffective high school math or science teachers just so they can coach football and flirt inappropriately with cheerleaders.
Check out Glory Days over there, with his tan and his arm around that underage girl.
by bstppldrmr July 31, 2011
To urinate into the ear canal, especially as a prank while the victim is sleeping or otherwise incapacitated.
Jane got too drunk at the party, passed out, and was pispered by John. She said it felt like a wet willy, but even being teabagged would have been less humiliating.
by bstppldrmr March 21, 2010
The simple act of peeing on luscious ass.
Guy A: What's it called when you pee on a girl's ass?
Guy B: In the butthole?
Buy A: No, dude, just on the cheeks.
Guy B: Oh. That's Hot Honey Ham.
by bstppldrmr May 24, 2011

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