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A social class. Surprisingly (or not) one that crosses all accepted class structures. A scrunter cuts corners socially.
1. Always drops litter
2. Spills red wine on your furniture
3. Goes shopping in a paint splattered tracksuit
4. Leaves toilets in a mess
5. Is an inconsiderate housemate
6. Rough handles food in a supermarket or worse takes the lid off for a smell or a lick.
7. Smokes in public and always throws the butt in the urinal
8. Ditto chewing gum.
9. Spits in public.
10. Crunches large volumes of garlic and commutes by train.
11. Is fat and has the cheek to fly by plane but only book a single seat.
12. The list is endless but I think you get the picture.

** Don't waste a good word like scrunter as a derogatory name for a female!!**
by brucester April 04, 2004
A male version of a slut, someone who pretty much shags indescriminatly. (I tried to take it as a complement!)
"Bruce seems like a nice guy, what's the deal there?" "Yeah he's ok, good skiier and all that, bit of a 'shagmonster' though <jealous> You'd be wasting your time really, he screwed w**** on last years trip"
#slut #slag #loose #promiscuous #male
by brucester September 13, 2006
Someone who just doesn’t get on with their self inflicted, otherwise shitty life within their own patch or ghetto and who keeps cropping up as an indecent and ironic cameo in polite circles.

They gain access to the well ordered and pleasant lanes of middle England by sliding in as mock Middle Englanders. Once ensconced they then un-pack themselves like a virus
and degrade and erode everyone's life, causing havoc as they un-pick the fabric of communities, clubs and charities that do not have tight enough integrity in place. Power Chavs have one minor good use and that is they unwittingly subject the real Middle Englanders to a purity test,
depressingly some fail as they espouse the Power Chavs new, “No nonsense, modern and refreshingly convenient” lifestyle including the interesting, at first, patoir. All Power Chavs have a loud voice, are quite verbose and uncannily know certain parts of the law inside out.
That x really is a Power Chav, have you noticed? They have talked their way onto the committee, changed everything, thrown out all the old time honoured traditions, frightened away the usual volunteers and now resigned in an undignified public outburst leaving the place in a state of total collapse.
#chav #scrunter #middle england #middle class #spide #ned #scally #yarco #charver #townie
by brucester May 07, 2007
Tampax tampon sanitary towel.
Man, the beach was utterly discusting, all sorts; used clot mops, skin willies and logs of shit
#tampon #tampax #sanitary towel #mensturation #jam rag
by brucester September 16, 2006
A health professional who doesn't like NHS patients and treats them like second class citizens, then braggs about it to their staff.
"Aren't you going for a check up today?" "Nope I've suffered a right braggington, - I was struck off for answering back!"
#nhs #doctor #dentist #optician #health professional #physiotherapist
by brucester October 10, 2006
A continuous viscous blockage of the entire tract whereby the hydraulic effect of eating one meal simply guarantees that another is angrily spat out of the other end.
I don't know what to do, eating is useless, I'm suffering a diarraulics attack.
#diarrehea #shits #rusty water #loose stools #bowels
by brucester September 16, 2006
Practically unacknowledged existence of highly porky smelling oil secreted around the anus - avoid showering for a few days to discover this. Can be smeared under the nose of a fellow camping / dormitory occupant as a punishment.

Other 'oils' exist - discover and enjoy......
Lamb oil - found in the pubes,
Cheese oil - found between toes esp. athletes foot
Bacon & onion oil - armpits
Chicken oil - hair!
Prawn oil - earns, esp if infected.
I taught the arsewipe not to snore, I gave him a pork oil moustache.
#bodily oils #pork #porkey #arse oil #sebum
by brucester September 10, 2006
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