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41 definitions by brucester

Skiing: A small lump of very hard snow or ice that looks innocent enough but it is practically welded to the piste causing you to stumble when you ski into it. Usually encountered first thing in the morning before the sun has loosened the snow up.
Following a wipe-out....."I think I must have hit a space cookie or something"


Take it easy guys this next bit is littered with space cookies
by brucester September 10, 2006
Farting technique. You have a really great girlfriend who you want to keep, but she keeps feeding you onions which are giving you massive flatulence. Your relationship hasn't developed well enough for you to grout in her presence so........as a massive bubble drops into place you
pull your anus sideways with your index finger commuting your fart from the obvious to an unexplained fffffff noise.
She was a right bobby dazzeler and sod's law I had a massive
shit gas attack, but I 'jap skewed' them all, luckily they were plain flavoured and stenchless so I'm on a promise for Thursday now!
by brucester September 10, 2006
A round black and white marbled inconsistancy in the otherwise yellow shit of a young baby and caused by previously taking a spoonful of gripe water.
"Darling, did Billy have colic last night?" "Yes....yes he did...how do know <amazed>" "oh just that he's blown a humbug into his wad"
by brucester September 13, 2006
A belief that apparently is:- so out dated, so disproven by science which of course is never wrong, untrendy, redundant.
Yet there are over SIXTY descriptions of it here and of course........you have taken the trouble to read this.

The Bible is still the world's number one selling book
Christianity? The cause of all wars...blah blah....they only devised it to control the masses....blah blah....That
Da Vincci Bloke he got it all worked out.....blah blah....
my mate who's doing philosophy at Yooooooniversity he 'says'.....etc blah blah ad nauseum.

Actually.....I think I'll grow up a bit and hear the other side of the story, I'll read the Bible and try an Alpha Course before I go blowing my arse out the window.
by brucester September 16, 2006
Cockney rhyming slang: Gregory Peck - neck. (Becoming out dated now though.)
Get that down yer Gregory
by brucester September 10, 2006
Someone who is anti or who hates or persecutes all forms of religeous beliefs or non beliefs including Atheists and Agnostics.
"I see that an Anti-Theist has flown a plane into a tall building" "Er, surely you mean an Islamist?" "Er no, where does it say in the Queran that it is ok to go doing stuff like that?" "Well ok, but surely you mean Satanist?"
"Point taken...But can we settle for, an Anti-Theist is just a Satanist who hasn't yet discovered themself?"
by brucester September 16, 2006