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1. everybody 2. you all 3. everyone 4.y'all 5.all of you. 6. lots of you 7. all present
"Hey errybody, are you coming to the party?"
by Bruce Citron October 28, 2005
1. all of the time
I love you twenty four seven.
by Bruce Citron August 28, 2003
Churches Chicken, Popeyes Chicken
The only fast food place I have in my hood is Churches Chicken, so it must be Ghetto mcDonalds
by Bruce Citron October 25, 2007
1. enough food to only last for one week of the entire month
It's the food stamp diet, you oughta try it; get peaked and whi-et!
by Bruce Citron September 14, 2003
1.the boss; 2.a person who uses this thinks he is superior to another
"I'm you daddy!"
by Bruce Citron September 14, 2003
1. a scoundrel
That bitch-ass-ho cut in front of me in line.
by Bruce Citron August 28, 2003
n. a roll of toilet paper.
"Give me some of your ghetto kleenex!" Jovan said.
by Bruce Citron October 01, 2009

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