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7 definitions by brianbbad

Style or sub-genre of comedy that employs humor of a particularly physical, over-the-top, indecent, or otherwise unsubtle nature.
This terminology uses an uncommon definition of "broad," which would usually be taken to mean "general" or "of great breadth."
The Three Stooges will forever be cherished for their classic works of broad comedy.
by brianbbad February 25, 2010
27 3
In broadcasting, a sudden and inflexible ending of material in a bulletin, usually determined by a fixed-length pre-recorded segment or a pre-programmed computer event.

Remember, that part of the show has a hard out, so make sure to plug your tour dates early in the interview.
by brianbbad October 22, 2012
7 2
An article or editorial that has been written for the purpose of promoting a product or service. The word itself is a combination of "advertisement" and "editorial." Often the piece will avoid a tone with overt bias.
I had read a whole page about vitamins in the news magazine before realizing the story was just an advertorial.
by brianbbad March 08, 2011
4 0
The illegal practice of signing off on real estate foreclosure documents without verifying the information within. This is done by persons in the finance and housing industries to speed up the process of foreclosing homes.
A few major banks are under investigation for alleged robosignings, which could result in fraud charges.
by brianbbad October 04, 2010
7 4
To put oneself in situations where undesirable consequences may likely unfold, especially regarding persons trying to break a bad habit.
Stems from the adage "If you hang around the barbershop, you're bound to get a haircut."
John continued to sit with the smokers during break time even though he knew it was risky to hang around the barbershop.
by brianbbad September 22, 2010
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an individual in the entertainment industry who gives an inside advantage to friends or family members wanting to break into the business
"Should I fly to Los Angeles
Find my asshole brother"
Bush - 'Everything Zen'
by brianbbad March 18, 2009
9 7
Sexual maneuver that involves sticking one's nose into the partner's anus and licking his/her taint.

Source: Psycho Mike from radio program Love Line
She really likes when I give her a cocoa cobbler, but I'm just not that into ass-play.
by brianbbad October 03, 2010
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