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1. a cross-breed of "scandalous" and "ferocious"
2. sexual in nature, especially concerning sexual activities that are risky or done on the sly
"Don't tell him, but me and his girl had a totally scandocious late-night session."
by brianBinfallible May 27, 2007
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Scandocious is a person who has a knack for getting a semi-circle or guys around her. Though she doesn't do anything with them she just enjoys the attention. You can easily spot them with large semi-circles around them. They even can group up to make a double-scandy. where there are two scandociouses standing back-to-back so that there is a full circle of guys around them.
Guy 1: whos that chick with all the guys around her?
Guy2 : oh her? thats scandocious
by Master Debater2012 February 09, 2010

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