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cute guy from peter pan
hottie with a good body
by briana January 10, 2004
the coolest thing possible...best thing ever imaginable!

~"why should i listen to you?"
"because im soohoo and well..yeah..soohoo rocks...duh"
by briana January 04, 2005
vinny tenaglia is a soft foo who cant stay up till 1:03am
vinny u a soft foo!!!!!
by briana March 12, 2005
a hottie
edudlive is a hottie
by Briana December 06, 2003
To barge in one someones business
I dont want to embarge in on yo day
by Briana June 02, 2003
when something has been in hot topic, and someone uses a slogan from it.
Jene: Childproof caps have ruined my happiness!
Bill: That has been so hottopic-ed, yeah its from Foamy the squirrel, but it's not cool when it reaches hot topic, because then everyone uses the damn phrase!
by Briana March 28, 2005
Bloog means when you get Blopped in the Jleek by a Floog.
Man you just got Blooged by Jonny!
by Briana March 06, 2005
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