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Essentially, the act of giving an ejaculatory facial or pearl necklace, however, the ejaculate contacts in a manner that is more fine than heavy in nature. The resulting pattern is more elegant, and can be compared to rhinestones, such as in bedazzling or vajazzling.
"I pulled out to finish on her breasts, and I totally jizzazzled her."
by Brewmaster February 14, 2012
A male or female emo who is filipino
YFC used to be full of niggapinos, now its full of emopinos...
by brewmaster October 11, 2007
A brew bro is any guy with a lifted truck and a famous shirt.. usually from the 909 or I.E. but they seem to be popping up everywhere now. They're called brew bros because thats the way they ask for a beer.
909 guy: Hey Taylor, can you pass me a brew bro
Taylor: What kind ? Natty or bud light..
909 guy: Who cares, just pass me brew bro
by brewmaster October 11, 2007
Possibly the greatest NPC name ever randomly generated by a games' AI.
1st guy: Holy Hell, is that Gurbachen Dynamite?
2nd guy: I don't wanna get Gurbachen'd, lets cross the road.
by BrewMaster September 02, 2006

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