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The act of applying glitter and jewels to a woman's nether regions for aesthetic purposes.

The transfixion felt by the pointless wonder of vaginal glitter.
Feeling her Swarovski jewellery wasn't enough, Sue started vajazzling for added bling effect.

"Did you see that chick's crotch crystals? They're vajazzling!"
by L0 January 13, 2010
Similar to bedazzling; the act of having rhinestones applied to one's waxed va-jay-jay, hence the name VAJ-azzling; promoted by Jennifer Love Hewitt
Did you see her vag last night?
Hell yeah, and she went vajazzling before so it was all sparkly!
by DCheer April 06, 2010
1. the time-consuming act of applying glitter, jewels, crystals, or some other form of bling to the vajayjay. 2. any use of sparkly embellishment to make something mysterious and transcendent appear more commercial and eye-catching.
Cleetus, quite vajazzling your sister and come inside for supper! (or) The election was won thanks to Obama's vajazzling catch-phrases.
by lolcatdiary July 07, 2010
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