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A sexual act in which the male engages in mammary intercourse (i.e. 'tittyfucking') backwards while grinding the supine female's face between his buttocks.
You ever given your woman the rototiller?
by Gullinkambi December 16, 2009
An agricultural device often applied as a tractor attachment used to till soil.
The rototiller made it possible for us to plant crops.
by Brett February 12, 2004
Reverse titty-fuck and shit in her mouth as you blow your wad on her stomach.
My bitch was coppin' a tude when I kept jabbing her in the jaw while I was titty fuckin' her so I flipped around and gave her a roto tiller.
by djridaho September 11, 2009
A “hoe” who’s sexual appetite transcends that of manual gardening equipment into the realm of motorized copulation.
Christina Anguilera’s a hoe? Fuck that… she’s she’s a rototiller!
by Blue Steel January 06, 2003

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