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The act of getting Ganked, Pwned, and Fubar'd (Fucked up Beyond Recognition)
man u got fupwnk'd by that metal pipe
by Brett March 14, 2005
2. a broke-down shopping cart with bent wires and/or at least one improperly functioning wheel
"Take this tard cart back and get a better one"
by brett February 10, 2005
Fucking crazzy ass kid who dominate in the game of curve ball tying the score of David Ashenfelter. That fucker! fucked up the last kid who tried to beat his score.
Ho shit look at Carls play. That kid is fucking awsome.
by brett January 18, 2005
n. Little processed "you-don't-really-know-what's-actually-in-there" breaded chicken bites, which are deep fried and served to millions upon millions of trusting customers across the land, A.K.A. Chicken McNuggets.
(speaker voice) "KHHHHHH, welcome to MacDiggles! Would you like to try our not so new but oh so delicious troll biscuts today?" ... "no, swamp sauce is extra Sir."
by Brett January 09, 2005
the act of jacking off through a penis sized hole in your hoddie or sweatshirt
ross was horny so at lunch peg legged it into his queso.
by brett February 10, 2004
A slightly nicer word for dyke.
I hate that stupid dyke, sorry, diesel.
by Brett March 07, 2003
Someone who smears his pelvis; commits pelvic smearage
That person is a smiegel and look what he did to his pelvis
by Brett January 28, 2005
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