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Really awesome, legendary and mythical. Rumored to be Assyrian kid from Chicago.
Pumpi is an awesome guy.
by Bret September 02, 2004
a term to desrcribe both the bottom and the front bottom of a woman in one word.
a word to describe having had sex with a woman up both holes.
from the English, Bum/bottom and Fanny/vagina.
"what did ya do then?", "I done er up the banny".
"I gave her a banny"
"I was bannied by my fella"
by Bret March 11, 2005
see junk-show
We could start playing cards if that junk-show Travito showed up
by Bret February 28, 2004
pertaining to someone or something that hinders an opperation. Someone who does not have thier shit together. a scatterbrain, space caddett, an all out mess
What is with this junk show we have to go get krunk

Old head is the biggest junk-show on the plannet
by Bret February 28, 2004
to improve ones state of satisfaction. To get drunk, jacked up, or take a nap.

Can also be used as a noun. Pass me that recharge, aka beer.
I'm tired.. I need a recharge

I need a recharge..
by Bret February 28, 2004
This is the combination of the canadian word hoser and a modified version of the word bitch(biznatch). It refers to any of the following; a really slutty girl, a girl that annoys the hell out of you, or just a girl that you plain hate.
I was trying to read the sports page but that hosenatch would not shut up.
by Bret December 12, 2004
The original OO-ing Hampster
The Badass Hampster that defined OO-ing in the original GC
by Bret March 03, 2005
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