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A person that is a walking disaster or that really needs to pull it together.
I was such a junk show because of my hangover, I couldn't get anything done.
by squishee August 12, 2006
A messy situation; an example of sloppy handiwork; a consequence of poor planning; a gathering that has descended into debauchery and chaos
"Dude, you're about to head out on a river trip and you haven't packed a lifejacket or nearly enough beer. You're runnin' a junkshow!"

Or, "The trip was a complete junkshow. By the second day we had gotten into the hard liquor, and by the third day everyone was dancing on the tabletops."
by Desertrose5418 August 16, 2008
pertaining to someone or something that hinders an opperation. Someone who does not have thier shit together. a scatterbrain, space caddett, an all out mess
What is with this junk show we have to go get krunk

Old head is the biggest junk-show on the plannet
by Bret February 28, 2004
Junkshow: n. When a dude thinks it's hot to put his dick through the fly in his jeans and dance around.
Did you see Mike perform that total junkshow? What a tool.
by dfuf July 06, 2011
Janky, janktified, worthless
Our janky friend BDef was a total junk-show.
by BD February 26, 2004
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