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A saboturd is a bowel movement which remains curiously absent during a shower or bath, and then insistently lobbies for attention immediately following completion of the bathing process. It is named as such because it appears to maliciously and deliberately sabotage the newfound cleanliness for which one has painstakingly and recently labored.
"As he peered down through his parted, there it sat, in it's all too coincidental curvature--indeed, the saboturd appeared to be actually smiling at br0d, for both victor and victim knew that the thoroughness of the hot shower had been all but erased, and that the benefit of soap would not be enjoyed for yet another 24 hour period."
by br0d January 17, 2005
One of the more nuanced definitions of the slang term "asstassle" relates to a tool commonly known as a "fetish flogger," which is often employed at fetish and S&M club events. The term is slightly pejorative in that it carries an implication of banality and routine; of pseudo-sexual mundanity, devoid of actual passion or pain. The source of this slight negative tinge is, quite honestly, the experiences of several people in the Washington D.C. area, who have all been unfortunate enough to find themselves at local fetish events, and ruefully in the presence of big fat people in latex who can neither fuck nor stand pain. So in a desperate plea to appear sexual, these newly empowered narwhals stand around and nonchelantly tap each other on their blanched gluteals with this ostensibly naughty "asstassle" in an effort to bottle and sell the weakest taboo cabaret this side of Kansas, while our protagonists stand there, wonder where their lives went terrribly wrong, as they sip on extremely low quality bottles of stale beer and contemplate life outside the Christian Terrordome.
"So then he pulls an asstassle out of his pocket and starts tapping her ever so gently on the buttock. Needless to say I had to turn away or face the prospect of masturbating in the bathroom stall, this exchange was so mechanically erotic."
by br0d December 18, 2006
guhl is an onomatopoeic expression of glee sometimes bellowed by the American rural redneck and/or farmer when overexcited. As such, it has also come to be an expression yelled by a surprisingly large number of urban, suburban, and educated people to decry some behavior or person as "rednecky." An alternate spelling is "GOL!!!!" but this is archaic SSU usage.
Ex. #1:

Bobby: Hay thayer Jimbo, you dunt ran the frigin Deere rahyt through thuh hay bale!!!!!

Ex. #2:

*Huge jacked up truck with KC lights and giant tires rolls by blaring Skynyrd*

NormalAndy: GUHHHHHLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!! (guhl)
NormalJeff: GOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! (gol)
by br0d November 13, 2006
"Noonerhole" is extended slang for the original term "nooner," which is yet another slang term for the anus, since the world needs another one. It is particularly common in use as a derogatory reference to the soon to be penetrated anus of a sex partner or a potential sexual target. Also the name of a Bloodankh song.

Estimated usage: 400-500 people, mostly on livejournal.
darquechylde I want teh noonerhole, give me teh noonerhole
by br0d May 26, 2004

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