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to be completly high or stoned
blanched is a cool way to say it
Stoner 1: "dude, lets get blanched later"
Stoner 2: "man im already blanched outta my mind"

Stoner 1: "k so meet you in 10 minutes?"
Stoner 2: "Fuck yea man, im gonna get so fucking blanched now"
by blanchedking February 22, 2009
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A synonym for "blue balling". In cooking it refers to the heating or boiling of food then immediately icing it, therefore comparing "it" to getting heated up then getting "iced".
"Dude my nuts hurt so bad today, this girl totally blanched me last night" blue balls blueballs
by PHILSON October 20, 2011
To be completely belligerent or inebriated as a result of consuming too much alcohol. This word is used to describe drunkenness for two reasons. 1) The word itself just sounds like it means shit faced. 2) The actual meaning of the word defines a cooking method in which food is dunked in hot, then cold water to loosen the skin. The metaphor being, saturating something in liquid unit it changes.
Party Animal 1: I am so hungover I can hear colors.

Party Animal 2: Yeah, dude. We got fucking blanched last night.
by captmurk November 13, 2013
To scald in order to loosen the skin. cooking term used here to describe a fragile emotional state.
Honestly, I'm blanched. I simply cannot handle another thing.
by yellowdragonfly November 12, 2006

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