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Code word for referring to Obvious Plastic Surgery while in the presence of the surgically enhanced individual, often referring to a female with fake breasts.
A female with obviously fake boobs walks by.

Dude1: "Yeah, I'm thinking about the army, special ops."
Dude2: "Totally."

The female leaves.

Dude1: "So fake. Her nipples were coming out of her collarbone."
Dude2: "I'd still hit that."
Dude1: "Definitely."
#fake boobs #obvious plastic surgery #code #silicone #breasts
by boredjoey March 09, 2006
A penis receptacle that gay dudes feel is superior to the pussy. Normally full of shit.
Steve: "Hey Marshall, feel like a little lovemaking tonight?"
Marshall: "Sure, come over and jam your cock in my asshole."
#butt #butthole #pussy #cock #fuck
by boredjoey March 07, 2006
Something that 15 year old males who spend hours on this site trying to understand rap lyrics will never get.
Random fifteen year old dude: "What is 'crunk juice'? Let me check Urban Dictionary!"

His older brother: "Dude, you are never getting any pussy."
#vagina #sex #cunt #fuck #ud
by boredjoey March 07, 2006
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