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a word used by tank dempsey on call of duty world at war
by boonking July 05, 2011
derived from spastic originally then spacker then spackattack its when someone has a spasticated attack like a epileptic fit only there not epileptic when someone decides they are going to act really really wierd and dance in funny ways or say stupid things they are having a spackattack
stop having a spackattack in my room do it outside
by boonking July 05, 2011
a woman who does alot of k and also has the medical condition that effects the bladder. shes got a ketaminge
look at that dutty ketaminge
by boonking July 05, 2011
originally used as a alternate name to a game with a similar title . or the literal meaning, but not to sure how that would work ...... lol. could mean holding in a fart
yo dude shut up bout da smell i unfarted
by boonking July 05, 2011
refers to someone's ball sack
she just kicked me right in the jizzfactory
by boonking August 06, 2011
cheeseydick is a type of weed, cheese crossed with moby dick
excuse me sir could i buy some cheeseydick
by boonking July 05, 2011
a insult combining two of the main words used 2 describe your friends when your angry at them inbred and scum
your utter inbrescum
by boonking July 05, 2011
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