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The "R.Shogan" is short for the Royal
Shogan, based on 2 words previously defined, where the Rogan is the "perfect or aptly named royal grogan", while the Shogan is the "shithouse grogan" which
doesnt get accepted by the crapper.

Now before you start saying, This
is a Paradox, you've gone nuts, i submit to you the following arguement: A grogan can be so perfect, so outstanding in size and granduer, that the dunny can't actually handle it, and thus treats it as a Shogan. Hence the much awaited term R.Shogan.
For this example I quote from Chapter 4 subsection (c) of the Grogan Enterprises constitution:

"He said to me 'Darryl', and I said 'Yes, Able Seaman Constipato', and he said 'I used to be able to crap so well that I could predict the manner in which the stools would both leave my bowels and enter the dunny. In fact, I got so practiced that I began creating challenges for myself by standing at various heights above the dunny and plying my trade from there. However, on one occasion my nugget was so perfectly rounded, and it entered the dunny at exactly the correct angle, that it in fact created a vacuum and sent, with considerable force, the nuggest flying straight back up my arse'.

I it thus that the R.Shogan had its beginnings, perhaps not in words,
but at least in history."
by Boon September 08, 2004
Vortes is another way of saying 'what is'. It is usually used when speaking in a german accent
'Vortes is your name' -German soldier
by Boon January 26, 2005
Occurs when a brogan has been ground into powder. Often used to make broganite.
After drinking a bottle of single malt, Colonel Moodus laid a particularly violent brogan which made outstanding browder for the local infantry.
by Boon March 01, 2004
The Rogan is an abbreviation of the "ROyal groGAN". It applies to a grogan of complete and absolute perfection in all categories of analysis. The rogan is very rare, and if in a lifetime you lay 2 or 3 of these great creations, you have led a successfull existence.

There is much debate as to whether one can lay a perfect (or royal) grogette but still not create a rogan. My personal belief is that a royal grogette does not immediately imply a rogan.

See also the shogan for the antonym of the rogan.
After months of practice, Dennis laid a grogan so perfect in size, beauquet and valeur it could be termed by no other word than the rogan.
by Boon September 08, 2004
The odometer is a tool that aids in the measurement of one's grogan. It measures the smell of a grogan, using a system based on the smelliest races of people.
Wow, i really left a Chinaman drowning in there.
by Boon March 28, 2004
The Aargan often occurs after strong doses of laxatives (or all you can eat chinese buffet), causing the person to lay grogans with such fierce animosity that they proceed to shit out their aggots.

The Aargan means an "Aggot grogan", and most often applies to males (with the exception of mingin' women).
After Jed laid an Aargan in his wife's golfing bag, they were eaten by the local chud on the back 9.
by Boon March 01, 2004
Quite literaly means the "Vicious Grogan". This term is used when a violently foul grogan has been laid, most often after a night of Single Malt or Kippers.

Common after-effects of the Vogan include nausea, internal hemmoraging, and jungle rot.

The viciousness of the vogan is often ranked with the Odometer.
After 6 weeks on a diet solely of pringles and leper's toes, Mr. Biffen unleashed vogans of an incredibly brutish nature, and all around knew it was so, cos it was brown, like a bashed trout.
by Boon October 23, 2004

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