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The Rogan is an abbreviation of the "ROyal groGAN". It applies to a grogan of complete and absolute perfection in all categories of analysis. The rogan is very rare, and if in a lifetime you lay 2 or 3 of these great creations, you have led a successfull existence.

There is much debate as to whether one can lay a perfect (or royal) grogette but still not create a rogan. My personal belief is that a royal grogette does not immediately imply a rogan.

See also the shogan for the antonym of the rogan.
After months of practice, Dennis laid a grogan so perfect in size, beauquet and valeur it could be termed by no other word than the rogan.
by Boon September 08, 2004
JACKSEL< When one masturbates behind girls back, slags on her back (thinking thats its cum) and she turns around, then you cum in her eye causing severe pain and discomfort>
did u hear Boon gave her a jacksel.
hahah i jackselled u.
by BOON April 08, 2005
A slang term which refers to someone who is overly drunk
"Did you have a good time at the club last night"
"Yeah, I was totally butt fucked"
by Boon December 30, 2004
A black, solid and generally foul smelling grogan that follows a night on the bourbon (whisky). Differs from a standard grogan in its colour and texture
Man, that grogan was darker than Khamal.
by Boon December 15, 2003
The Shogan is an abbreviation for a "SHithouse grOGAN". This is a grogan that is so poor (in either length, viscosity, smell or voraciousness) that upon being laid in the crapper, it is rejected by it, and consequently will not flush down.

This term can also apply to the grogette, giving rise to the shogette.

See also the rogan, or the Royal Grogan, which is the antithesis of the shogan.
After 5 days eating only steak, Murgatroyd laid a grogan of such poor performance and such sub-optimal grandeur, that it was promptly rejeted by the dumper. That day Murgatroyd laid a shogan.
by Boon September 08, 2004

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