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A woman with an ass that is healthy
and fleshy from a bit of jiggle to
firm but always tasty.
Miss Gotta Body got bootie
by bog January 11, 2003
a word of yorkshire decent, most commonly affected by yorkshire menfolk in their 56th year, this is a shortening of 'the', possibly due to problems encountered pronouncing 'the' correctly
"gown down t' pub"

note the 'tuh' sound is quite pronounced
by bog October 02, 2003
A dude who likes bootie so much that
he stares at it like he is hypnotised.
He then chases girls till he gets all
the booty he can slam his balls on.
I'm a bootie chaser cause I like booty
and drool at the sight of booty.
by bog January 11, 2003
Another way to gayify the world.
see above.
by bog January 11, 2003
A bootie so juicey looking it reminds
you of a plum
That chick had a plum rump worth nutting
by bog January 11, 2003
queer way of saying terrific
The gays enjoyed their parade so
much they shouted queerific.
by bog January 11, 2003
female genitalia; especially with low hanging labia
"Damn, Laquanda gots some straight up quidge"
by Bog March 23, 2004
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