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When a gay guy putts Hickory Honey ham into his partner's butt and starts licking it rapidly.
He licked the Hickory Smoked Butthole
by bobbyb15 December 14, 2011
When a female sucks a males penis so rapidly and the male gets very turned on. The male starts jizzing everywhere and cums on the females face. The female then licks it off her face like whipped Cream.
The girl got a serving of Whip Cream Pie.
by bobbyb15 December 14, 2011
When a girl gets jizzed on by a guy and then licks all of the jizz. The girl licks the jizz like Scooby Doo does when he sees food.
The girl did the Scooby Doo.
by bobbyb15 December 15, 2011

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