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(mthm-ft-mn, -mn)
White trash vitamins, usually referred to as "junk" because the user generally lacks the required amount of teeth for proper alliteration.
"I told my bitch Crystal to stop suckin' off truckers for free metham..., methm..., Junk."
by bobby joe August 19, 2003
sweet or cool or new
Those shoes, boy they be custom
by bobby joe June 02, 2003
a variation of shizznet
these potatoe sticks are the fashizznet!
by bobby joe June 02, 2003
Often falling from ones rear. Much like droppin the Cosby's off at the pool.
I cut one from the heard better stay awayfrom there for a while.
by Bobby Joe April 09, 2004
a Cocktobulon with eight testicles
"Ohhhhh my cocktapus hurts"
by Bobby Joe October 01, 2003
To be horny; to have an erection
Wow Suzie, you make me so chevy.

My chevy is really hard.
by bobby joe November 14, 2004
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