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46 definitions by bob dole

A salad-tossing cum dumpster
Damn, when I did Ben's Mom, it was like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.
by Bob Dole March 18, 2004
On a message board, posting something irrelevent on a really old topic to bring it to the top of the list topics. name comes from the fact that you are bringing it back from the dead, thus Necro. a practice common among n00blars.
n00b: I think necroposting is funny.
me: ::bitchslaps::
by Bob Dole January 17, 2004
One who cosumes large amounts of cum in there mouth
Jenni is a cum guzzler
by bob dole March 09, 2005
To Orally please a woman.
Nick went muff diving last night. Wheeeee!
by Bob Dole November 11, 2002
Shlong, Wang, Dick, Jimmy, Mayonaise launcher, purple-headed yogurt slinger, purple-helmeted warrior, hanging johnny, ankle spanker, Pedro, Cock, love rod, pleasure stick, vaginal submarine, pocket rocket, pussy drill
My friend Garrett lacks a penis.
by Bob Dole September 08, 2003
a genre of electronica that's hard to define because there are so many subgenres such as vocal trance, chillout trance, progressive trance, hard trance, trance with housey influence, breaks trance and so much more
techno and trance are unrelated
by bob dole July 27, 2003
This porno that I have in my closet
by Bob Dole September 08, 2003