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36 definitions by blue

Location: Middleburg
Known for: its incredibly good looking girls who are the smartest prettiest girls below the mason dixon line
WFS Boy: Hey whos that?
EHS Boy: She must go to Foxcroft because shes soo hot!
by Blue January 21, 2005
The act of sticking your penis in a girls ass and then putting your dirty penis in her mouth.
She gets hungry after anal, so I gave her a Hoboken Hotdog.
by Blue May 17, 2004
a girl who in a particular situation resembles a ghost or witch. originally a malaysian legend about a female vampire known as the pontianak.
tell claire to tie her hair up...she looks like some pontianak with her hair down
by blue May 10, 2004
a lesbo or capet muncher would not allow any men to get some ass from her friends
Jenny s a real cock blocker,she would not let her friends get any ass till she get some first.
by BLUE December 24, 2002
A Hoova Crip set. It's named after 52 street. I aint sayin no more cuzz you niggas is fake fo puttin knowledge on here.
"I bang that 52 Hoova Crip homie"
by Blue April 17, 2005
To give a favor and have the person that received the favor not reciprocate.
"I helped my brother with his yard last week, and he John Travolta me by not helping with mine."

"I John Travolta my girlfriend the other day. She gave me an awesome blow job, and I didn't do anything for her."
by BLuE May 12, 2012
Californian Prison code.
Level 4: Cells, fenced or walled perimeters, electronic security, armed officers inside and out.
Maximum securit for violent offenders, murderers etc.
"do a 187(murder)on someones ass, you gonna get a level 4, don't drop the soap!!"
by blue October 25, 2004