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A woman or lesbo blockin her friends from chatting with men or blockin her male friends so she can have her all.
hey britney, why s she blockin me from getting some ass? she s a real cock blocka..
by BLUE December 24, 2002
acronym for Lil' Ames Texas, the hood of Liberty County.
man i got to make a trip down to the LAT to get some rocks for that beeza that rode my skeeza
by blue March 20, 2005
A Term for The Most Beautiful/Perfect Girl In The World
Hi Mookie , god You're Hot
by BLUE September 28, 2004
founded by applewave
by blue April 17, 2003
hells Angel, beautiful... but deadly
xcalulu is an angel.
by blue March 05, 2005
when you are drunk and fucking a girl, you pee inside her
Bob hooked up with Jane and gave her the seahorse.
by Blue April 06, 2005
Chunky kid with chubby cheeks who walks around the streets of Victoria shouts out phrases that have no relevance to what is going around him.

Also attacks children with whips and bats.
"It smell like a paint"


"Boom , Boom"
by blue October 27, 2004

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