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Incredibly fast spear wielding Net Navigator from fan made site; Mega Man Battle Network Universe. Is capable of performing powerful wind and electrical attacks alongside a unique ability to transform into different fighting modes. Also known as the Green Slayer.
Obelisk plunged his spear forward at Megaman from a safe distance, his powerful weapon able to strike the blue Navi down from afar.
by blue January 21, 2005
typical American fast food outlet which has outspread its' greasy claws to every corner of the Earth.

horrible service at every UK store I've been to: employees don't speak English, are unable to use a till and take on average five minutes to get your entire meal to the front counter. and the meat is always burnt.
if you want 100g of fat in a burger, go to McDonald's instead of Burger King
by blue March 30, 2004
Hated, Loathed
Oh, look she's a siren
Oh, Look she's a hated person
by blue December 05, 2003
Older man who works at the local corner store and has one heck of a fucking shiny head.
While combing my hair in the mirror , I was reminded of Buddah's shiny ass head.
by blue October 27, 2004
A fat ugly Japanese-wannabe.
Ryuu is funny in how she assumes she has an opinion, when she is in fact a 10 year old.
by blue April 22, 2005
Not all crip's bang to tha left homiez. I know for a fact that Gangsta Disciples an 52 Hoova Crips bang to tha right. I been bangin for 7 years so I kno my shit homie. Crips bang to certain sides because of an event that happend with one of our King's. I'm not puttin 360 on here an spittin our knowledge cuzz i'm not fake but man tha left is Blood side too. Snoop is not the leading expert on Crips an they knowledge. Snoop aint even a Hoova so shit he cant tell us which side is tha' true Crip Side, Anyways Crip's diddnt bang to a siad until they started populating prisons. There are Crips that bang to the left obviously but not all of them.
"Say homie I bang to tha right side cuzzin, and thats tha real side. Right Side, Crip Side; Right Side or no Side nigga"
by Blue April 17, 2005
God of all videogame reviewers, also known as Masters.
"Hey I hear HOVA is crushing motherfuckers in another tourney."
by blue April 25, 2005

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