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a state in the southern United States where minorities such as Hispanics and African-Americans highly outnumber white people; a small percent of the white people are ignorant racist rednecks, that make the rest of them look like idiots
man texas is way better than florida or mississippi; california etc.
by blue March 20, 2005
An all guys boarding school, where most boys end up at college, harvard, yale, columbia, pennslyvania. All extremely smart,and are smart enough not to go to a dick school like salisbury. Always Wins In hockey. And seems to be growing rapidly in all sports.
AOF GUY: Hmm Im going to harvard and i have three girls in my bed

Salisbury Idiot: Oh, im going to university of ohio, but i got one of my boyz in my bed
by Blue April 25, 2005
the most horrific disgusting perveted sick grusome site on the net, do u think putting innocent life, such as a kitten in a glass vase so as to resrict its growth and make it deformed and mangled and a horrible excuse of life is funny then u r a disguting sick fucked up person and i hope the satanistic person who did that to that poor kitten dies a very bloody death, dont be surprised if its me that kill them they should be ashamed to show children in a morgue children in africa who died of disease and showing their organs being eaten by worms if u think thats funny ur sick
the fucking sick ass people who ruined an innocent life will die!
by blue January 19, 2005
When a female is receiving butt sex from a male and he pulls out just before ejaculation and quietly spits a loogie on to her back. Thinking he is done, she turns around and recieves a facefull of semen in her face. He then says, "Abra Cadabra, Bitch!"
I almost caused that bitch to go blind when I gave her a dirty houdini.
by Blue April 09, 2005

1. A term of disrespect to Bloods and Pirus
2. A messy or trifiling person
3. Spit
4. A Blood or Piru
5. A bitch ass member of the People Nation
"Hit a Slob in his lip, watch his favorite color drip"
by Blue April 17, 2005
Don't underestimate me (by worrying)
I'll call you as soon as I get there, don't sleep
by blue November 30, 2003
synonomous for "melon"; unbelievably, preposterously large 556 DDD- sized tittays
That girl has large lohans....ALL right....
by blue October 07, 2004
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