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An erction of the penis that cannot be called a boner because its not on purpose.
Some how i always get a puberty erection in church

I hate puberty erections when I `m wearing sweatpants!
by blu3hat October 06, 2010
I liked the part when.., I liked the part where.., I like the part.., I like when..

All these are variations of "I Like The Part..."

I Like The Part... is a sentence used to state the obvious and that you liked it
It is most commonly used in comments on youtube videos
Say, on a Call of Duty video, an "I Like The Part..." commnet would read: "I like the part where you played Call of Duty."

Some find I Like The Part... comments to be funny
by blu3hat December 29, 2010
What eminem describes himself as in the song Won`t Back Down (ft. Pink)
...Shut the fuck up listen while my shits playin`Im the shit stain on the underwear of life..
by blu3hat February 10, 2011
someone that asks out your ex right after you break up with them
What a dumpster
by blu3hat October 07, 2010
while putting words in the urban dictionary you cant think of another word to put as an antoym or synonym so you use booty because its shown as an example.
by blu3hat January 26, 2011
1. Someone who is cocky as fuck
2. The guy whose putting cranberries into all the other juices (As made famous by Brian Regan)
1. There goes the CranMan, being a cocky dbag again
2. "Why dont you back off CranMan? Why dont you take your sales trophy and have a vacation?" -Brian Regan, "I Walked on the Moon"
by blu3hat December 29, 2010
like pull out but faster
To yank out means giving her no time to react until jizzing on her face
by blu3hat July 24, 2010

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