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A Finnish death metal band that kicks everyone's asses, especially Children of Bodom. Kalmah did not copy/steal music from Children of Bodom, Kalmah has actually been jamming together much longer than Children of Bodom even got a contract. Even though Children of Bodom got the record deal first, Kalmah (known as Ancestor at the time) has had many demo tapes that were recorded before Children of Bodom started producing their own albums.
Nerd: Dude Kalmah copied Children Of Bodom!!!!

Me: You know what else Kalmah copied, they copied YOUR MOM.
by Shirkey November 09, 2004
187 75
Kalmah is taken from the Karelian dialect. It is a relative language to Finnish with lots of same words. This language is fading but there is still people in the Karelian area and along the border of Finland and Russia who speak it. It means "to the grave" in English.
Kalmah is a finnish Black/Death-Metal-Band
by Skolle January 29, 2004
184 81