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Eon8 was a mysterious website which had multiple pages including one of a world map with red dots near populated areas, a page which included a list of "unapproved referrers" of which the CIA and Military were included on!
Several parts of the website were also password protected, if one were to try to put in a password it would say "Illegal action recorded", and most of all, a timer that was counting down to July 1st, 2006 at 12:00. There was also strange bits of code strewn throughout the page, and odd references such as "Commence project (randomnameand numbers", "Project status: Imminent", and long strings of random numbers more of which appeared when highlighted. There is also an Eon5, which simply shows a mysterious and eerie airvent, which was unrelated, but added to the chaos. This strange site was thought to be many things, a sick marketing ploy, a hoax, a cyber-terrorism site, or a site similar to "ILOVEBEES" or

This site was overhyped, and caused mass paranoia over the internet, but turned out to be nothing more than a social experiment. When the counter reached zero, the server experienced a meltdown, likely due to the massive amount of people viewing the page. The site's owner issued an explanation saying that it was just a social experiment, and that people shouldn't get so worked up about something which doesn't even say exactly what it is. In conclusion, everyone got pwned by a guy named Mike from Florida. Much of people's theories and further investigation (frankly ominous and harrowing theories)can easily be found.
What? There's a page predicting the apocalyspe with lots of strange code everywhere? Ah, ignore it it's probably just like eon8.
#pwned #owned #hoax #ytmnd #ilovebees #neurocam
by bloodflower July 02, 2006
Lolita is very popular in Japan and in other countries. There are many styles of Lolita so I just most (if all) in one def.

Classic Lolita:
This is basically more traditional; it's filled with more earth-tones and jewel colors. They also have floral dresses fabric patterns. The clothing is sometimes frilled, but not over done, traditional, maid-style aprons. This style basically tries to be more Victorian.

Sweet Lolita or Amaloli:
This is more light-colored: colorfully patterned outfits, with lots of lace and frills. The dresses are knee-lengthed. They try to look as sweet and cute as possible.

Gothic Lolita:
This is likely the most popular style of Lolita. The colors are usually black, white, navy or burgundy. The makeup are dark in color, with black eyeliner(not all), and red or black lipstick(again, not all), while the other lolita are more light. The accessories that go with it are pocketbooks, hatboxes, handbags, and other Teddy bears.

Punk Lolita:
This combines punk fashion with Lolita. They wear things like plaid, buckles, safety pins, and chains. Garments like blouses, skirts, one pieces, and jumper skirts are also worn. The footwear is mostly boots, Mary Janes, and platforms. The colors that are often used are black, white, and red.

Wa or Kimono Lolita:
This is traditonal japanese clothing mixed with lolita. Usually a kimono top is worn with a lolita skirt.

Aristocrat Or Elegant Lolita:
This is more what Mana of Moi Dix Mois wears. He instead combines gothic lolita also. This is the more mature version of lolita and it embodies elegance.

We often see girls that wear Lolita. This a more manly version of it.
This is more victorian with knickerbockers, masculine blouses, shirts, trousers, and knee socks. This is often worn by schoolboys .

This is a more mature version of Kodona. This is bascially inspired from the 19-century Europeans.
Lolita, the style, is not to be confused with lolicon.
#fashion #goth #goth-lolita #lolita styles #j-fashion
by bloodflower June 20, 2006
retards who use UD exclusively for:

1. posting pictures of themselves
2. not defining, but trash-talking various celebrities, bands, trends, etc.
3. one of the WORST...Trying to define
a.their own names,
b. other's names, or
c.bragging or bitching about a stupid rich area in their town,
d. or a school.

These people must stop defining because they`re ruining UD. Oh, and stop putting links to your myspace, you pretentious twats. Personally, I`m an editor, and have been cracking down even more on UD rape definitons..So watch out SPAMers. The UD editors will keep your pointless definitions from ever being seen.

Oh, and all of UD seems to be homophobic...Maybe I should make a pro gay definition and see how many thumbs down it gets!
1. "chek out this sexay pic of me...i am the queen of scene" --me <stupid image of some fugly fat chick with too much makeup on taking a snapshot of herself in the bathroom>

2. OMFGZZ! Lyke FEMINEM iz soooo dum yallz! hez a FAG LMAO. him an dr dre giv eachother BLO JOBZ! LOLZ!

3. a. Jenine:
The sexiest girl alive. Used for when someone is completely hot, sexy, and cool.
Example: Person1:Look at that sexy girl, she's such a Jenine!

b. Anna:
a ReAlLy SlUtTy GuRL!!!!111! ShE hAs EvErY STD iN tHe BoOk!!!!!!11!!!! aLl TeH gUyZ uSe HeR fOr A qUiCk F*Ck!!1!!

Conniver! He'll seem like he loves you! But then hell drop you like a lead ballon! Watch out girls, he's known for making out with the school slut in the bathroom! I hope he effin DIES!
c. Winstonville:
All the stupid, rich, jock, republican, slut christioans liv there! all their daddies buy them expensive cars for their sixteenth birthdays! they haev good parties because their parents are never thar! theyre always drunk! no one likes those stupid preps! the winstonville girls are skanks and wear their skirts so high you can see their thongs!

d. St. Evans:
All the girls are sluts and they gasp when you walk all over the emblem, but deny being there. They bitch about the uniforms but yet on free dress day they always wear the same high-collar preppy outfits! Skanks! blah blah blah blah blah


And stop defining EMO and scene! There's like a bajillion defs already.
by bloodflower August 26, 2005
sucks! promotes conformitism and political correctness and bullshit teen drama issues!
its terrible if you want a real music channel watch BET or VH1 or Fuse! I personally reccomend the latter.
by bloodflower August 02, 2005
Just a store. Some people go there in the idea that theyre being rebellious. But they're not. Hot Topic sells a variety of band shirts, shirts with jokes, etc. They also sell funny buttons or bumber stickers. In addition they sell jewelry (not all got or punk or emo!), family guy merchandise, and anime stuff...Mostly inuyasha or fma.
Wow. This pink shirt with al on it is soo cute!

I love this sticker with Stewie on it saying delightfully white trash.

DUDE! *emo tear* i couldnt go to hot topic but i did anyways because im soo emo/skater/punk/rebel/electrikk/goth/scene and bought really huge black pants.
by bloodflower August 02, 2005
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