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A Stick Figure Drawn by Jhonen C. Vasquez. Examples of HNB's speech: "Peas! Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas.Peas. Look! David Hasslehoff can fly!"
Happy Noodle boy (the Noodleiod) is a scary stick figure.
by Blitzfisch October 13, 2003
A comic series by Jhonen Vasquez. Now put into a Trade Paperback for all of you to own.
"The 3 R's: Repetition, Redundancy, Repetition."
by Blitzfisch October 13, 2003
Same Shit/Stuff Different Day

Also, a webcomic by Alan Foreman. Check it out at poisonedmids.com
Damn... skool sucked... it's always SSDD.
by blitzfisch November 20, 2003
Lightning fish! ROAR!
The Blitzfisch ate an entire Power Station! Oh My GAWD!
by Blitzfisch October 13, 2003
A vagina. Also called a pussy.
"Poon flows like a river ...once a month."
by Blitzfisch October 13, 2003

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