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3 definitions by blckblt6

a person you will probably end up working for if you aren't already. so watch what you say to them.
holy crap i knew him when we went to high school, he was a nerd, now he owns 5 BMWs and who knows what else
by blckblt6 May 19, 2004
42 19
Continual noding of head up and down done by boyfriends who aren't really listening to their girl
As long as you use the Auto-Bob she wont even realize your asleep
by blckblt6 May 17, 2004
3 0
Creator of EVERYTHING. who lets you deciede where you go when you die.
Eternity is a long time, pray your right.
God has proven he exists, whatch yourself for one day, and you will see how many times you come with in a centemeter of death.
everytime you get in a car, everytime you pick up a knife, every time you your floor creaks.
by blckblt6 May 19, 2004
35 50