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To repeatedly try and fail. Reflection of sports game standings: as in the "oh" in "0-8".

Used to describe the condition of total lack of success after many tries: "Crap, I'm Going o-fer."
Ian: "You're totally dominating me at 'TopSpin'"
Bill: Yeah, you're going O-fer here. Get your crap together... Here, have a Heinekin."
by blamkin October 11, 2005
Snacky (adj.): Mild hunger that is satisfied by a snack; the desire is for less than a full meal.
Ian: I'm really hungry. You guys wanna go grab a big lunch?
Lynn: Yup, the tapeworms' talkin.
Bill: Mmm.... not really.... but I am snacky.
Ian: Oh, have some popcorn or something small then. We're going to Sizzler.
North Side Commandaz: And learn how to play TopSpin. You're o-fer against all of us.
Lynn: Do they have Heinekin at Sizzler?
by blamkin October 19, 2005
Small tap or other manipulation, to get something to work; being careful not to risk a large manipulation which might break the whole thing.
Ian: Dude, I can't get my Heinekin open!?!?
Bill: Give that Shizzle McDizzle a little twizzle!
Ian: Oh, you mean, like tap the top on the counter, but lightly so I don't break the bottle.
Bill: Sweet. BTW: you still suck at Tennis.
Ian: Get ready for Paris Suburbs Redux, honky boy.

by blamkin February 21, 2006

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