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To repeatedly try and fail. Reflection of sports game standings: as in the "oh" in "0-8".

Used to describe the condition of total lack of success after many tries: "Crap, I'm Going o-fer."
Ian: "You're totally dominating me at 'TopSpin'"
Bill: Yeah, you're going O-fer here. Get your crap together... Here, have a Heinekin."
by blamkin October 11, 2005
german for bad hitter
ya man i took an O'fer today
by shagwire May 11, 2009
A person who cant get anything right in life and kind of is a lose.
"Man Mr. Pearson is ofer Life"
by kjc123 July 23, 2008
a man who has NO dates( he is 0 for 1, ofer 1, get it?)
" Jimmy is such an ofer!"
by cody July 01, 2003
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