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The art of "throwing a smokebomb" is when a person leaves very suddenly without telling anyone. Usually when a group is out drinking and someone has had too much.
Joe threw a smokebomb last night. I think he'd had too much to drink.
by blackyuk November 26, 2010
When your heart is beating extremely fast, like a raver whos on a cocktail of drugs.
Ive had about 5 red bulls, ive got proper raveheart!
by blackyuk November 26, 2010
refers to a 3 litre bottle one is drinking or buying. Normally referring to a 3 litre bottle of cheap white cider.

See also; twice

Originates from Hull, United Kingdom.
I was proper smashed last night, I had a thrice to my self!
by blackyuk November 26, 2010
pronounced; mew-z-el
A word used when someone you have arranged to meet has not turned up and wont answer their mobile phone or text messages.
Joe was meant to be here an hour ago, he wont answer his phone.
I think hes' pulled a muzel
by blackyuk November 26, 2010

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