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Term used to show that a person (of any race or color) has been successfully changed to a more respectable manner/appearance/attitude. Usually refers to white teens and young adults who were influenced enough by peers to go from sideways hats, sagging shorts/pants, gold chains/rings, and speaking in Ebonics to wearing clothes that fit, reducing or completely removing gaudy jewelry, and speaking understandable local language.
Aunt : Wow, Jeremy is so much more well dressed and well mannered than when I saw him two years ago.

Mom : Yes, well, after taking him out of that school and moving to the suburbs, he stopped trying to imitate all the other kids and feeling like he had to dress and act like a retard to fit in.

Aunt : Another successful niggerectomy.
by blackholepcs July 07, 2009
Term used to define the action of reassimilating a person of dark skin into their local racial culture after said person has adopted the traits and mannerisms of so-called 'whites', usually after living in a primarily white neighborhood for some time.
Dark Guy : Yo, 'sup homie? Ain't seen you in a minute, son! What da word? And why you dressed like dat?

Bleached Guy : Um, well, I've been doing well. Graduated last March. I work at Old Navy now. It's going pretty well.

Dark Guy : (a confused and disgusted look on his face) Shit, mufucka! We needs to get you back ta hood! Git dat belt off and sag dem shorts! Here, take my spare grill and stick it in ya mouf. And speak words I can understand!

Unbleached Guy : Dag, yo! Thanks fo the unbleach! I had my shit twisted like a mufucka fo a quick minute! On da real!
by blackholepcs July 07, 2009
Phrase used to convey boredom, frustration, or general apathy about a situation or place.
Two guys go to a club, only to find that there are hardly any females and tons of guys.

Guy #1 : Dude, this is a fucking sausauge fest.

Guy #2 : Yeah. This is deusche. I'm out.
by blackholepcs July 10, 2009
Code speak to alert others who are 'in the know' that an attractive person is approaching or is present. There are several variations, including replacing Tango with the following : Bravo, Gamma, Delta, Kappa, or any other common Military themed word with Greek/Latin roots.
Fast Food Employee #1 : Dude, Alpha Tango drive. Alpha Tango drive.

Fast Food Employee #2 : (purposefully walks past drive through window and glances at person in vehicle) Affirmative. Alpha Tango drive confirmed.

Fast Food Employee #1 : Roger, confirmation recieved.

Fast Food Employee #1 & #2 : (high five each other)
by blackholepcs July 07, 2009
The Soapy Hand Slap is a sexual act. The way it works is a male ejaculates into his hand, works the spunk into a bit of a lather, then slaps his sexual partner in the face with his now jizz-lathered hand.
Guy : Ugghhhhhnnnnnnnnnn....uhhh....nnnnnnnnn....ah. Ahh. Ah-ah-oh-uhhhhhnnnn. (heavy breathing ensues)

Girl : Whew! That was...well, that was, um...good.

Guy : (fakes masturbating using spunk as lube, in order to work up a lather)

Girl : Oh. You trying to get it up so we can go again?

Guy : Soapy Hand Slap!!! (slaps girl with lathered hand, smearing spunk across her face).

Girl : So, wer'e done, right? I mean, that pretty much just ended our relationship. Ok. Well, see you later, asshole.
by blackholepcs July 11, 2009
Term used to describe a person with extremely messed up teeth, such as sharp and broken teeth or teeth that point in all directions. Usually refers to a male with a reputation for liking to perform cunilingus or a lesbian.
Guy #1 : So I was going down on her last night -

Guy #2 : Wait. You went down on her? With that mound mangler? Is she ok?

Guy #1 : Fuck you, my teeth aren't that bad. Anyway, I was going down on her, right?

Guy #2 : Right. Continue.
by blackholepcs July 07, 2009
This term defines an especially hairy human male. Often attributed to Italian men.

Root Words - Shag : long, thick carpet or hair, usually messy and tangled. Nuts : Balls.

Singular Plural - Shagnuts : referring to a pair of testicles encased in a very hairy nutsac.
Guy # 1 : Fuck, dude. You are one hairy bastard. Your arms look like a Wookie's.

Guy # 2 : Yeah, I was able to grow a mustache when I was 11 years old.

Guy # 1 : You fuckin' shagnuts.
by blackholepcs July 08, 2009
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