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Term used to show that a person (of any race or color) has been successfully changed to a more respectable manner/appearance/attitude. Usually refers to white teens and young adults who were influenced enough by peers to go from sideways hats, sagging shorts/pants, gold chains/rings, and speaking in Ebonics to wearing clothes that fit, reducing or completely removing gaudy jewelry, and speaking understandable local language.
Aunt : Wow, Jeremy is so much more well dressed and well mannered than when I saw him two years ago.

Mom : Yes, well, after taking him out of that school and moving to the suburbs, he stopped trying to imitate all the other kids and feeling like he had to dress and act like a retard to fit in.

Aunt : Another successful niggerectomy.
by blackholepcs July 07, 2009
The extraction of a nigger that lives inside of a white person and causes that white person to act black.
John's recent personality shift toward being mild mannered and responsible is a testament to the success of his niggerectomy.
by Vagalot May 20, 2013

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