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1. A combination of boring and horrifying.

2. When you're so bored you become horrified of yourself.

Basically anything that has to do with being bored and horrified, you combine the words making "Borrifying".
Sam: Dude, Im so bored, it's horrifying me.
Tyler: Don't you mean that you're borrified?
Sam: Yeah. Sick word bro.

Sam: so wanna do anything tonight?
Tyler: No man.
Sam: Anything?
Tyler: No.
Sam: Your borrifying.
by shaboomdrys November 15, 2009
(bohr-iff-eye'-ing), -adjective; def: when the depth of mind-numbing boredom is so far-reaching, such a vast maw (see: mawesome) that one is literally horrified by the void of stimulus. Often inspires irrational fear that nothing will ever be interesting again.
The braggart droned on about his musical career... The conversation was so long and bad it was borrifying!
by bl4cksh33p February 07, 2010

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