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18 definitions by bizzle

The leetest mother****** on the planet. he ownz all. better rekanize
"omg, why is byron so tight and awesome and sexy and handsome and smart and everything i could ask for?" says a hot chick
by bizzle March 15, 2005
1027 447
killer of tupac
bullheaded criminal
in tupacs cd its say suge shot me
by bizzle May 07, 2003
404 104
Sunshine, beaches, hot surfers, great swells, small-town feel with expensive boutiques.......mudslides, fires, tsunamis, all around fun times
Dude, let's go to Malibu and catch that awesome break at Little, Dude, it's too friggin far
by bizzle January 10, 2005
212 134
A word which describes best and the brightest of Los Angeles' female teen population; well-educated, hot, classy, self-respecting, athletic, intellectuals...the true marlborough girls
Marymount may beat Marlborough in sports, but in the end, guys will choose to settle down with a intelligent and sophisticated Marlborough girl and cast their Marymount sluts aside as former random hook-ups.
by bizzle January 13, 2005
256 225
when you got "wood" or a boner
man she sat on his lap and when he stood up you could tell he had some lumber goin on
by bizzle April 03, 2004
44 34
When you pull out of your girl, getting cum up her nose and into her eye. Blind and unable to breath she falls on the floor in a spasm trying to get a towel.
My girl almost got a concussion after I gave her a slevin.
by Bizzle August 12, 2004
80 72
When a friend is using the urinal or peeing in a stall, you yell "Earthquake Test!" and then push them forward while they are peeing.
John was trying to pee and I gave him an earthquake test. Now his pants are all wet.
by Bizzle August 17, 2004
14 8