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18 definitions by bizzle

A slang word for any slang word starting with a b.
As in Blow (coke), bitch, and bong for example.
Yo G, where da bizzle at (sniff sniff).
by Bizzle September 04, 2004
A person of Japanese descent who has converted to the Jewish religion.
Look, its a bird, its a plane, no its a Yamikaze.
by Bizzle August 12, 2004
a stuck up weak ass ho nanny, who cant get a date with his homies mamma
Zac that corn husker, dude might as well pull out his g-unit and cap his ass.
by BIZZLE October 15, 2003
Short for "hard-kore", which is a deliberate misspelling of "hard-core", because only cool people would change a "c" to a "k".

Often sarcastically used to insult or describe someone who thinks they're rebellious, when they are, in fact, not.
Guy #1: Yo, I went to a party on the weekend and drank lots of beer, G-dog.
Guy #2: Woah. You're pretty HK.
by Bizzle May 13, 2004