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Charlie Simspon from Busted's other band that he's leaving Busted to go to. Fightstar are much more rock than Busted and they are totally wicked.
Can't remeber the name of the song cos the names weird or maybe I'm having a mental block. I dunno
by Liz January 30, 2005
Fightstar are a post-hardcore band from London. Which consist of members Charlie Simpson, Al Westaway, Dan Haigh and Omar Abidi.

Many people don't take Fightstar seriously because of Lead singer and guitarist Charlie Simpson's previous band, Busted. Although many people don't take the band seriously, not many of them have actually taken the chance to give them a listen. Many people judge on what used to be, not what is now!

Fightstar have completed 2 incredible albums and 1 phenomonal EP - They Liked You Better When You Were Dead. The album Grand Unification (the debut) got into 28 in the charts and One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours - The sophomore album - went into the charts at 27! Regarding this, Fightstar have stated that they are not interested in Chart success!
Fan - Hey, you diss Fightstar, but you haven't even heard them right?

Immature Hater - Yes that is true. Apologies.

Fan - Well, why don't you give them a listen?

!!!NEXT DAY!!!

Immature Hater - WOW! They are amazing! I am never going to diss them again!
by FightstarFan November 10, 2007
A band with member Charlie Simpson of the late Busted. They make amazing music but I don't know what category it is. Brilliant tempo changes thanks to an awesome drummer and great harmonising between Charlie Simpson and Alex Westaway.
Me- "Did you hear Fightstar? Every single one of their songs is facking awesome!!!"
Joe- "Yeah they are fucking good, people who don't like Fightstar just cuz Charlie Simpson is in them can suck my dick!"
by seether_rule June 21, 2005
1) Shitty not-very-hardcore band.
2) Busted with distortion and shouting
That shit band - oh Fightstar
by A fightstar hater November 04, 2009
Aka. Shitestar.

A mediocre Emo band, consisting of Charlie Simpson (Ex-Busted) and some of his mates.

Vaguely talented, but completely blighted by Simpson's pretentious attitude.

Since leaving Busted, Simpson has allegedly been heard to frequently utter (from beneath his over-straightened mop) "It's all about the music". Whatever.
I went to see Fightstar last night, and they were rubbish.
by notmyrealname July 30, 2005
a band whose fans think they are unique and cool but in fact is mediocre at best.
- I'm going to a fightstar gig to listen to some proper music
- Fuck off.
by biteme January 19, 2005
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