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A British fusion/progressive rock group named after the book of the same name. They were a central band in the Canterbury Scene of musicians. They started off as a psychedelic band, performing at the UFO club of Pink Floyd fame. Their best album is, without a doubt, Third, which is fusion in the style of Miles Davis's Bitches Brew. It's very trippy.

Some famous members were Robert Wyatt, Mike Ratledge, Hugh Hopper, Kevin Ayers, and Allan Holdsworth.
I was listening to Third by Soft Machine, and it was so awesome that everybody came over and had a good time.
by birchofacookie October 17, 2010
Best band to come out of Italy. Started off as psychedelic rock, switched to progressive rock as the trio of Pagliuca, Dei Rossi, and Tagliapietra. Played music that, at points, reminds one of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, but with Mediterranean and psychedelic influences.

Known for their hit album Felona e Sorona, which, at one point, was released for the English audience as Felona and Sorona.
Eric Douglace: heyy u guyz lets lisin 2 justin bieber one time!

Everyone else in discussion: STFU n00b, we're listening to Uomo di Pezza.

Eric Douglace: what? le orme? aaaahhhh! *head explodes*
by birchofacookie October 12, 2010
A conquer-all, can be used in 99.9% of all situations. Known to explode when one Cup of your enemies ashes is thrown at another Cup of your enemies ashes. The name of the product should be bolded whenever possible.
Itchy? Pour Cup of your enemies ashes on your bedsheets. You have conquered itching!
by birchofacookie June 16, 2010
Variant of "ad hominem".

When a person cannot come up with a response in a debate other than "your gay" or something along those lines.
Person 1: I personally believe that free markets inspire creativity and fairness.

Person 2: YOUR GAY!!!11

Person 1: Fag Homifag much?
by birchofacookie November 04, 2010
A horrible tasting, cheap wine commonly served on ice at Italian parties. Not even good for your enemies. Commonly said by its Italian customers as "callalasi", due to their accents.
Italian aunt: "Genarro, go get me a Callalasi with lotsa lotsa ice!"
Genarro: "WTF did you just say?????"
Translator: "She wants a Carlo Rossi with much ice."
by birchofacookie October 01, 2009

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