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A good looking chick, preferably between the ages of 16-25
Pezza 5 o'clock

Damn look at that pezza's ass
#hot #chick #woman #sexy #mint
by ale/caponer July 25, 2009
a good looking woman / very hot female
mmm pezza at 9 o'clock
#sexy #hot #foxy #broad #smoking
by ARod47 July 25, 2009
Legendary student who has tendancy to boast about the mis-usage of drugs, esp nicotine and cannabis. Has a particular liking for over-gaudy jackets, DVD players with tiny screens, and manga. Can often be found hiding in English or Biology lessons, although doesn't feel education is a priority.
1)0MG! Pezza Trezza the Lezza!
3)So I smoke pot, so what?!
by Dr Orange Wilks January 18, 2005
Australian slang for tomato sauce.
Giz a sanga roll with pezza would ya.
by Elijah Stewart July 17, 2005
Originally an italian word for "piece".

Pezza - a term used to describe a very attractive female
"Damn, ashley is one pezza!"
"HOLY! Did you see that pezza?"
#pezza #piece of ass #hot girl #ale #arod
by D PEPPER July 25, 2009
When you buy a ten dollars worth of weed in the western suburbs and is usually wieghed at 0.3 grams or is spayed with coca-cola or honey-water combination and is weighed in at 0.5 grams.
Hey man you got a spare cone?
Sorry man i got a shitty as pezza from John and Julie.
#rezza #pez #chuff #mull #billy
by Monamala March 12, 2010
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