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A term used to describe a particularly rabid form of "Young Earth Creationist" First coined to describe the adherents and followers of jailed Creationist Pseudoscientist Kent Hovind . Hovindists are well known for lying and falsifying evidence to support/back up their spurious claims that the Earth and indeed the Universe is only 6000 years old. They will even go so far as to attempt censorship of opposing views online with votebot attacks and by filing false DCMA reports on YouTube.
VenomFangX on Youtube is a classioc example of the typical lying Hovindists.

Ever been to the Creation Museum in Petersburg Kentucky? it is a showcase of Hovindist Stupidity and ignorance

According to Hovindist Physics, the speed of light varies thus proving young earth creationisam right and Einstein, Kepler, Newton, and Hawking wrong.

That book and website Answers in Genesis is a buch of Hovindist Baloney
by binydeamon September 05, 2009

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