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A very annoying small person, who is often argumentative and talks loud when communicating
Someone in the crowd is making a right racket, it must be a 'Runtoid' because I can't see who it is
by bimblam October 13, 2007
An overweight female human being who is particularly ugly and resembles a very large piece of machinery (like a vending machine)
Gary said look at the state of that, it's absolutely horrible. It has to be a 'Unitoid', quick let's cross the road so we don't have to talk to her.
by Bimblam December 02, 2007
Noises or words uttured by an idoit that are completely incomprehensible
What the hell is Bob saying it just doesn't make sence, sounds like he's got a an attack of the 'Mibmobs'
by Bimblam December 02, 2007
Debris that can be found in ones underpants
Look at the state of Alison's pants there disgusting and full of 'Clinka's
by bimblam December 14, 2007
Am extremely dense or useless person
Barry said: I can't work another day with that 'Munkett' agian, he's a total plank.
by bimblam December 14, 2007
A person who gets great pleasure in delivering a silent fart
Whilst travelling in the escalator I could smell something horrible - it has to be a 'Poobsh'
by Bimblam December 01, 2007
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