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6 definitions by Bimblam

A very annoying small person, who is often argumentative and talks loud when communicating
Someone in the crowd is making a right racket, it must be a 'Runtoid' because I can't see who it is
by bimblam October 13, 2007
35 8
An overweight female human being who is particularly ugly and resembles a very large piece of machinery (like a vending machine)
Gary said look at the state of that, it's absolutely horrible. It has to be a 'Unitoid', quick let's cross the road so we don't have to talk to her.
by Bimblam December 02, 2007
26 6
Debris that can be found in ones underpants
Look at the state of Alison's pants there disgusting and full of 'Clinka's
by bimblam December 14, 2007
19 3
Am extremely dense or useless person
Barry said: I can't work another day with that 'Munkett' agian, he's a total plank.
by bimblam December 14, 2007
18 2
A person who gets great pleasure in delivering a silent fart
Whilst travelling in the escalator I could smell something horrible - it has to be a 'Poobsh'
by Bimblam December 01, 2007
16 0
Noises or words uttured by an idoit that are completely incomprehensible
What the hell is Bob saying it just doesn't make sence, sounds like he's got a an attack of the 'Mibmobs'
by Bimblam December 02, 2007
23 8