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What Scradam is for thinking he can get away with messing with the definitions for wonderfuls and luckies. He got it backwards, and that is BAYAD. Bayad is more or less a strongly distorted and slightly retarded pronunciation of the word "bad". Unlike the word "bad", bayad ALWAYS refers to something not good.

Antonym: Grood
BAYAD SCRADAM! ShawShaw is lucky. You are wonderfuls! Bayad bayad bayad!
by ShawShaw April 06, 2005
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A greek root defined by lantin boucles often used as slang for cats named Buns.bayad
Bunsy keelin was bayad so she had to go to bayed.
by Joey Crist December 22, 2007
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A Latin root defined by greek boucles often used as slang for cats named Buns.
Buns was being very bayad so she had to go to bied.
by Joey Crist November 29, 2007
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